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The grief and healing of the soul
7 months ago
It is difficult to express the genuine grief of the soul after feeling great regret about one's circumstances. You may feel helpless, lonely, or even angry if you are experiencing extreme, almost unbearable suffering, the books about grief and healing are the solution. It can be difficult to understand your sadness. It is difficult to express the depth and severity of your grief and sorrow. You may not be able to overcome the pain and suffering that you have experienced from the events in your life.
There are many surprises in
It is possible to see the possibility of hope in your current situation. Is it possible to be happy again? It seems impossible to find the right solution. Your darkness seems to be one step ahead of you. It feels like I am half a step ahead and three steps behind. Read the Healing Grief book to see if you are able to be happy again. It seems impossible to know the answers to your traumatizing situation.
The depth of your grief
Please describe the sensation, taste, and smell of your sadness. How deep is your sadness? How deep is your sadness? This is similar to asking how big the moon is. Your grief is unique and real. Your personality is unique from your neighbor's. You face challenges, unlike your neighbors. His challenge may be more difficult than yours. He may view your pain as something that can be solved. You may feel deep grief, infested and like a dirty shirt that rests on your soul, so it cannot be thrown.
You may initially need a machete with large blades. You can easily subdivide an extremely difficult situation and dispose of it like garbage using a grief book. It was easy to let go of the pain and move on. It is not easy to get rid of the suffering and give up. Maybe you can take one step at a time and try to get out of your misery.
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Yes, it is difficult to feel the sadness in the soul.Pure Emotional Magic
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